Silk Stocking for Wealth Building

While it would be common for most to think that the phrase silk stocking refers to the popular nylon stockings introduced in women’s fashion in the late 1930’s, it’s original meaning is defined as “aristocratic” or “wealthy”. More commonly known as those who have “deep pockets”, “well to do”, or “well-off”.

Most people will never attain the status of “aristocrat” or “wealthy”, but it won’t be because they don’t have the means, it will be because they don’t have the access to information that will help them to utilize their means to create wealth.

What if …

  • it were possible to build a wealth legacy that you can enjoy and share with your loved ones?.
  • you never had to worry about money because you had a rock solid plan to keep you safe if the economy tanked?

It is possible with the right information and a solid strategy.

The Silk Stocking Method™ is not gender specific, nor does it pertain to any age group.  It is designed for anyone who is serious about building wealth. The VIP Coaching system includes the following modules:

Phase 1: Assess & Strategize

What does your current financial landscape look like?  Here you will identify debilitating habits and create a self-correction course of action. You will assess your current tools and systems in place for money management and decide what is serving you best.

Module 1: Financial Landscape

You will choose wealth creation instruments to start you on your way to a financial legacy.

Module 2: Create Your Personal Wealth Creation Strategy

A clear point of entry and end-game is essential to successful financial planning.  

Phase 2: Ownership to Leadership

In this phase, you learn how to take control of your financial future. 

Module 3: Fortune Wheel

I’ll walk you step by step through the Fortune Wheel where you will map your financial journey by identifying the outcomes of your success.

Module 4: Plug the Holes

If you think you don’t have enough to build a secure nest egg, think again!  Learn how to find an extra 15% to 20% extra money without reducing your quality of life. 

Phase 3:  Clearing

Debt is what keeps most people bogged down in a cycle of lack.  This phase will help you to create a plan to eliminate debt through a systematic process.  

Module 5: Debt Elimination

A step by step process on how to implement your debt elimination strategy and put it on autopilot. With this in place, you can possibly experience a debt-free lifestyle.

Module 6: Investments

Learn how to use investments strategies that the wealthy use, but at a level you can afford.  It takes appreciable assets to build wealth and, in this module, you will learn which ones are best suited for your situation.

Phase 4: Protection

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, what matters is having enough to leave a legacy for your family. In this module, you will learn how to secure your future legacy and utilize insurance instruments to make sure your legacy is preserved for your family.

Module 7: Protection & Legacy

Create your Legacy Chest and learn about preservation techniques used by the uber-wealthy that will protect your wealth through tax-free instruments. 

Finally, in this module you will learn how to extract from your wealth well and enjoy living the life you deserve.

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SILK STOCKING METHOD™ uses wealth training, education, and information for developing a wealth building strategy and plan. The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is not a solicitation for the purchase of any financial products.  Your decision to implement any of the strategies outlined in training videos or materials is at your sole risk and discretion.  No guarantees are implied or expressed in these training and informational materials.  SILK STOCKING METHOD™ strategy can be custom tailored and results are varied for each client.

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