Retirement Planning

Naked Retirement

Money is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to retirement planning.

Traditional retirement plans are often designed to get people from point A to point B. However, as you begin to sketch out this relatively unknown journey, we sometimes forget that, like the first explorers, there are sections of the map that are uncharted, with boundaries outside of which nothing can be seen or explained.

It’s not uncommon to overlook these voids. We simply assume they will remain outside the mapped area. However, instead of considering the unknown as off limits or bad, I want to encourage you to embrace and explore them. To walk off the path in order to survey the depths of your heart and soul, and to seek out those distant places and expand the retirement horizon instead of putting boundaries around it.
Approaching retirement planning as a voyage that embraces both the known and the unknown leads to very different conversations and results. Discussions that are not only more fun, creative, and personal but also more meaningful.

Invest In Yourself
Taking this unchartered path begins by making a commitment to invest as much time and energy into yourself as you have with the financial aspects of retirement. That means seeking out professionals, tools, and resources to help you replace your work identity, fill your time with useful things, stay connected to family and friends, as well as keep mentally and physically fit.

Next surround yourself with like-minded people. Whether you participate in one of our online classes, attend a workshop in your area, or just invite a friend over to go through our worksheets, don’t try figuring it out on your own. We weren’t created to do life alone and neither was the Naked Retirement book and bonus material we’ll share with you shortly.

Leave A Trail For Others
Finally, infuse your life with actions now. Don’t wait for it to happen…make it happen. Great personal stories and family legacies aren’t created by following the same path as everyone else. They are blazed by going instead where there is no path and leaving a trail for others to follow.

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Courtesy of Robert Laura, the Retirement Activist and author of Naked Retirement. Your committed companion to changing the way you think about and prepare for every aspect of retirement.