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Money Rhymes for Wealthy Times

Most of us remember the ol’ nursery rhymes as children.  Dr. Suess books lined my shelves as my mother was also a lover of ryhmes and reading them nightly to me before bed was her favorite pass time, and mine (even that was a rhyme…not intended, of course).

Rhyming was one of the first platforms of my writing career that led to more sophisticated poetry and prose.  It helped me to understand more complicated subjects easily, and even today, I still use it to train and empower my clients to grasp complex topics concerning personal finance.

In this post, I would like to share a few of my favorite money rhymes with you.  These one-liners will have a brief summary/story behind how to execute the principle.  You can add them to your favorite melody so that it will “stick”, and everytime you find yourself in a situation where it matters, the melody and words will return to remind you of what to do next.

Money Rhymes for Wealthy Times

Wants before needs make your bank account bleed.

And you wonder where all the money went…

You wanted that new lipstick color, or that designer purse at full price when you could of bought a terrific knock-off for less.  Maybe your pinchon for that $7 latte five times a week is a bigger hole in your budget than you think.  This rhyme hits the nail on the head when it comes to managing personal finance.  We are all ruled by our wants and desires, and the false premise is that we should “fake it, ’til we make it“.  But, following that advice will keep you broke, busted, and disgusted.

This is not to say we can’t have what we want, we just have to be mindful that the wants do not out-prioritize the needs.  Take care of what needs you have first, that includes your savings or investing plans, and then if you have some left over for your wants, go for it.  If not, then place a small amount away toward that goal.  Don’t allow your bank account to bleed out, apply pressure on your spending.

Sample and try before you buy.

This is one of my favorites!

There are many products and services that will allow you to try before you buy.  Taking advantage of this courtesy will save you a ton of money.  Oh, and by the way, nix the guilt!  There is nothing wrong with trying something out first and then deciding it’s not for you.

Want a new car?  Test drive it and then decide if it’s worth the investment [sidenote:  buying new is so cliche…buy pre-owned and save thousands].

Women…this one is for you!  I love make up, and even though I use is sparingly, I still love it and I buy a lot of it.  But, not before I sample it.  My go to brand is Mac.  I love that they do facials on the spot for free.  I always, always get samples of the makeup I am interested in to try at home for a few days to see how my skin will react.  This is something you won’t know on the spot with a facial.  You may look great at the moment, but a few hours or days later your skin may have a negative reaction.  So, if you buy before you know this, you will have wasted money on something that doesn’t work for you.

3 not 5 then invest in what you buy.

While shopping at Whole Foods one day, I realized that I bought 2-3 items of everything on my list.  It was like a strange awakening.  I never noticed before my habit of doing this.  I began to wonder why…and, it seemed that my subconscious dug up all the memories of me going shopping with my mother.  She always bought more than needed (and still does so today).  There was some fear of running out of something and not having it when she needed it most.  So, of course, this belief transferred to me and was reflected in my shopping habits.

When I took a closer look at how this habit was impacting my budget, I decided to make some changes.  Instead of buying three of something I would only buy two.  Basically, the principle of the rhyme is to buy less and invest the rest (haha…another rhyme)!   For me, this meant taking the difference of what I would have spent at Whole Foods and invest in their stock, WFM.

For you, it may mean going to Starbucks  three times a week instead of five, and investing the difference in SBUX stock.  Or maybe, going to Walmart’s a few times less per week and investing in WMT stock.

I have said a millions time before, “own what you buy“…when you own what you buy, when you buy, it’s like putting money back in your wallet.

Hopefully, these rhymes and principles will lead you to a healthier state of personal finance.

Here’s to your remarkable life and legacy!








This post and its content is for educational and informational purpose only.  It is not financial advice or recommendation for the purchase of any stock or equity mentioned.



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